Who We Are

Every day we need self-care, self-examination & healing!

The Sister Healing Circle offers a vehicle and venue for like-minded individuals to search out their own truth and enlightenment.   The group was formed for sisters of all cultures and nationalities to come together to begin or continue to create purposeful and passion filled life  that will improve personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Everyone wants to find  people to whom they can relate.  A good way to do that is by joining a spiritual support group. With that said, we saw the need to form a group that would support  those who are looking to  seriously heal from inner wounds, whether  from an illness to physical abuse or lack of spiritually caring for self.  Together we heal and reach our hands out to help heal others through community outreach, events, and communal meetings. These meetings, events and retreats will also provide an opportunity for greater understanding of who you are, your life, and your Universe.


MemberSeven Arts Center
Keba, Founder