Fall Cleaning

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Fall Cleaning

All of us have experiences where we believe someone has done us wrong and we suppress that terrible feeling. Today, in my healing process, I will come out of the valley by forgiving those people or that person. Then, look within to see what I was suppose to learn from the experience. What was the lesson? “I am being prepared for  understanding”.
How are you handling old pain? Ignoring them? Suppressing them?


  1. This is amazing! I have not been dealing with my pain. I escape through my job.
    I have been looking for group like this…look forward to the KICK off!

  2. I Suffer from kidney disease so quite naturally I don’t always tell people I am hurting.

  3. Sometimes the pain is too powerful for you to deal with, and you are not ready, like when I cheated on my husband. I still can not believe I did it. I know I need to tell him before the pains kills me. Any suggestions?

  4. I believe in forcing yourself to do what you know is right. Brush your teeth no matter what, always clean off your makeup, and put on some proper clothes before going anywhere. Don’t be lazy, this is the essential step to cleaning yourself up.

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